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HPA 95




ARBEITSSPINDEL Steilkegel WZ Aufnahme SK. 40
Antrieb Riemen/Direkt-Antrieb  (opt.)
Drehzahl U/min 8,000 (std)  /10,000/12,000 /15,000(opt.)
Abmessung mm 1,100 x 560


Anzahl / Größe /Abstand

mm 5x 18 x 120
Arbeitsbereich mm 1,020x 560
Max. Werkstückgewicht kg 650
X Achse mm 1,020
Y Achse mm
Z Achse mm 510
Abstand von Spindelnase zur Tischoberfläche mm 150~660
Abstand von Spindelmitte zu den Z Achsführungen Maschinenständer
mm 624
Eilgang m/min X, Y, Z:32/32/28
Arbeitsvorschub mm/min X, Y, Z:1~10
WZ Tasche BT-40
Anzugsbolzen MAS P40T-1(45º)
WZ Plätze 24(std)/16(opt.)
Max. WZ Durchmesser bei freien Nachbarplatz links u. rechts
mm Ø130


Max. WZ Durchmesser

mm Ø80
Max. WZ Länge mm 300
Max. WZ Gewicht kg 7
ATC Typ Arm Typ
MOTOREN Spindle (Konstand./30min.) kw

7.5/11  (Riemen

5.5/7.5 (Direkt)

X/Y/Z Achse kw 3/3/4
Zentralschmierung w 25
Kühlmittelpumpe w 460
SONSTIGES Maschinenhöhe mm 2,416
Platzbedarf mm 2,300 x 2,657
Maschinengewicht kg 6,000


Heidenhain iTNC 530






Headstock, Body, Saddle, Base, and Work Table all use superior grade of cast iron. All are stress relived to ensure maximum accuracy and absolute rigidity. Spindle Headstock Design utilizes box shape design, internally ribbed reinforcement for highest rigidity, maximum stability, ideal for heavy-duty machining. Maintaining constant spindle temperature, by circulating cooling oil thru a highly efficient spindle chiller unit, to ensure working accuracy.


Linear Guideways are used on all three axes due to their high rigidity, low noise, and low friction. These features helped to achieve high-speed rapid movement and excellent circular accuracy. Double nut C3 class precision ballscrews are used on all three axes. Along with pretensioned and supports to minimize backlash and to compensate for error caused by temperature differences in order to maintain positioning accuracy. Laser calibration is performed and certified by PMC. The testing standard VDI 3441 3σ is performed 6 times on each axis full length of travel. Each machine is certified by PMC for its accuracy.


Renishaw circular ball bar test is done on every machine to check for roundness and geometric accuracy .Servo movement accuracy is maintained with this test. Two Guide Way base along with wide stance column design greatly incresaes contact surface between Column and Machine Base, which reinforce greater head supports. Column is heavily ribbed with cell shaped structure internally to minimize twisting deformation during machining.


Long Nose End Belt-Driven Spindle

Three different spindles with special headstock designs. 6,000/8,000/10,000 RPM are available with dynamically balanced pulleys working with special Hi-Torque HTD belt to prevent any slippage and to ensure smooth high-speed rotation. Heat and noise generated during high-speed operation are dramatically reduced.

High Speed Direct-type Driven Spindle

  1. Wide stance design with precision angular spindle Bearings. Design specially for high speed and high precision.
  2. 10,00/12,000/15,000 RPM Direct driven spindle produce low noise, low vibration, and excellent surface finish.