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ARBEITSSPINDEL Steilkegel WZ Aufnahme   SK. 50
  Antrieb   Direkt Antrieb
  Drehzahl U/min. 10,000
ARBEITSTISCH Abmessung mm 1,400 x 710

T- Nut

Größe / Annzahl / Abstand

mm 18 x 6 x 125
  Arbeitsbereich mm 1,200 x 700
  Max. Werkstückgewicht kg 1,200
  Y Achse mm
  Z Ache mm    600
  Abstand vonSpindelnase zu Tischoberfläche mm 200~800
  Abstand  Spindelmite zu den Z Achsführungen Maschinenständer mm   935
  Eilgang m/min X, Y, Z=30
  Arbeitsvorschub mm/min X, Y, Z=1~12,000
WZ Tasche   BT 50
  Anzugsbolzen   MAS P50T-1(45º)
  WZ Plätze   24
  Max. Werkzeugdurchmesser bei freien Nachbarplatz links  u.. rechts
mm Ø250
  Max.WZ Durchmesser
mm Ø125
  Max. WZ Länge mm 300
  Max. WZ Gewicht kg 15
  ATC Typ   CAM Driven Arm Typ
MOTOREN Spindel (Konstand./30min.) kw 15/18.5
  X/Y/Z Achse (Fanuc) kw 4/4/7
  Zentralschmierung kw 0.025
  Kühlmittelpumpe kw 0.49
SONSTIGES Maschinenhöhe mm 3,500
  Platzbedarf mm 4,110 x 3,530
  Maschinengewicht kg 12,000


Heidenhain ITNC 530







Shorten the Distance Between Work Piece and Operator


  1. An indented foot space allows operators to get closer to the table and work piece.
  2. The location of the Y-axis servomotor is at the back of the machine to shorten the distance between the operator and table for greater work area access.


Innovative Design Enhanced By Scientific Analysis

Finite Element Analysis is used to supplement traditional machine design by strengthening areas generally overlooked by designers.
Rigid Spindle Design

  1. Heavy duty precision spindle bearings.
  2. A direct drive, 50-taper, 10,000 RPM spindle headstock mounts to a linear guide way Z-axis slide, enabling a rapid traverse speed of 30 meters/min (1.180 in/min)
Superior Structure

  1. C-Frame column with heavy duty roller-rail guide ways on the Z-axis.
  2. The VMC-127H uses an hydraulically activated nitrogen counterbalance system instead of conventional counter weights to help minimize vibration during rapid Z-axis movements.
Temperature Control System For Each Ball Screw

  1. All ball screws are air-cooled through the center to reduce thermal growth and enable better machine accuracy.
  2. X and Y-axes have hardened way construction. The Z-axis uses roller-rail linear guide ways.
Ball-Bar Testing

Each machine goes through telescoping ball-bar tests to check contouring accuracy and uncover any geometric errors. This testing ensures the machine structure is both square and parallel.
Calibration with Laser Interferometer is Performed and Certified by PMC

All of our machines are calibrated according to the "VDI 3441 3σ" standard. Calibration is performed for full travel length for each axis. Each measurement is taken six times to ensure the most consistent and accurate readings.
Hand Scraping

To ensure consistent high quality. each slide way is hand-scraped. Each axis saddle has Turcite material on it and a special "*" design is used along with a "Z" pattern for efficient oil troughs. There is an excellent distribution of oil to all axes, so settling time after rapid movements is eliminated, and stick-slip during cutting is minimized.
Friction Coefficient Testing

After the exclusive "*" pattern hand scraping, technicians inspect the results using torque measurements to make sure the ratio of contact region is over 50% and it is uniformly distributed. In addition, all contact points have a similar size, which helps maintain even static and dynamic resistance over the entire travel range of each axis.
Automatic Lubrication System

All AGMA machines use a pressurized central lubricating system. The PLC controlled system allows all three axes to be lubricated evenly to maintain accuracy and prolong machine life.
Oil Circulating Cooling System for Spindle

A high efficiency spindle cooling system dissipates running induced heat generation in order to main-ainspindle accuracy and prolong spindle life.
Electrical Cabinet

  1. All electrical components are in compliance with all safety rules and regulations.
  2. All components inside the cabints are clearly labeled and identified for ease of troubleshooting.
There Chip Auger Design

Instead of using a costly chip conveyor, the special three-chip auger system efficiently removes metal chips produced during machining.
Pressurized Oil Distributor  

Lubricating oil is evenly distributed to the sliding surfaces of the machine by using Showa oil distributors along with hard-plumbed. low maintenace oil lines.
24 Tools Magazine

A rapid arm-type tool changer is driven with a precision cam, maintaining toolchanging accuracy of 0.01mm, which in turn will help maintain long-term spindleclamping accuracy.