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ARBEITSSPINDEL Steilkegel WZ Aufnahme   SK. 50
  Antrieb   Riemen/Getriebe
  Drehzahl U/min 8.000/6,000
ARBEITSTISCH Tischgröße mm 2,400 x 1,000   Std./
2,400 x   9,00   Opt.


Größe / Anzahl / Abstand

mm 18 x 7 x150  Std.
18 x 6 x150  Opt.
  Arbeitsbereich mm 2,200 x 1,000   Std.
2,200 x   900    Opt.
  Max. Werkstückgewicht kg 4,000
  Y Achse mm
1,000 Std./ 900 Opt.
  Z Achse mm 800
  Abstand Spindelnase zu Tischoberfläche



  Abstand von  Spindelmitte zu den Z Achsführungen Maschinenständer
mm 1,100 Std./980Opt.
  Eilgang m/min X, Y=12
  Arbeitsvorschub mm/min X, Y, Z:1~10,000
WZ Tasche   BT/-50
  Anzugsbolzen   MAS P50T-1(45º)
  WZ Plätze   32
  Max. WZ Durchmesser bei freien Nachbarplatz links u. rechts
mm Ø250
  Max. WZ Durchmesser
mm Ø125
  Max. WZ Länge mm 300
  Max. WZ Gewicht kg 15
  ATC Typ   CAM Driven Arm Typ
MOTOREN Spindel (Konstand./30min.) kw 18.5/22 (Riemen)
15/18.5 (Getriebe)
  X/Y/Z Achsen (Fanuc) kw 7
  Zentralschmierung kw 0.025
  Kühlmittelpumpe kw 0.49
SONSTIGES Maschinenhöhe mm 3,600
  Platzbedarf mm


5,700 x 3,900

  Maschinengewicht kg 20,000


Heidenhain iTNC 530






AGMA hardened -way machines are designed for rigidity and heavy-duty cutting. The machine structures are exclusively made to absorb and dampen cutting-induced vibration; yet the machine's agility is better than most linear-way type machines on the market. In order to support our customers'needs, AGMA has built a support network specifically in special material cutting applications.This allows us to offer our clientele the best solution to their applications. Customer satisfaction is always AGMA's first priority.


High-Rigidity Structure

All three axes have a hardened box-way design. In addition, the spindle headstock, column, saddle, base, and table are all made of high-quality Meehanite cast iron.


Design of High Horse Power Spindle for Heavy-Duty Cutting

The gear-driven cartridge spindle is capable of reaching speeds of 4,000 to 6,000 RPM. There is a dramatic increase in spindle rigidity due to increased spindle bearing support. This along with a high horsepower spindle motor dramatically enhances the machine's cutting performance. In addition, each gear-driven spindle has a spindle oil cooler used to lower bearing temperature and prolong spindle life.
Column with Honeycomb Shape Structure

The exclusive honeycomb shape structure design is utilized on the Column of VMC-199/229. This design reinforces the headstock support and also enhances the stiffness of the structure. A high stiffness to weight ratio allows excellent dynamic performance during cutting.
Pulley-Driven Spindle

Three spindle alternatives of spindle are available. An enhanced headstock design allows the spindles to run up to 10,000 RPM. All spindles and pulley assemblies are dynamically balanced. A non-slip timing belt ensures the spindle will run smoothly, even at maximum speed.
Gear-Driven Spindle Transmission

The two-speed gear transmission allows full power utilization. All gears are made of Chrome Molybdenum alloy steel, heat treated, and precisely ground to ensure the spindle runs quietly and smoothly. Furthermore, the design of the floating tool release mechanism minimizes any pressure exerted on the spindle bearings.
Enhanced Base Design

The base of VMC-229 has 6-hardened ways that allow greater stability. Therefore, the saddle and table are fully supported along the entire X and Y-axes travels.
Belt-Driven Spindle

The spindle headstock has increased rigidity due to the wide stance design of the z-axis ways and the long surface contact between the headstock and way bars.
Double Stoppers Design

To prevent the deviation of servo motor housings and bearing housing, two stoppers are equipped for each axis to guarantee absolute axial alignment.
Ball-Bar Testing

Each machine goes through telescoping ball-bar tests to check contouring accuracy and uncover any geometric errors. This testing ensures the machine structure is both square and parallel.
Calibration with Laser Interferometer was Performed and Certified by PMC

All of our machines are calibrated according to the "VDI 3441 3σ " standard. Calibration is performed for full travel length for each axis. Each measurement is taken six times to ensure the most consistent and accurate readings.
X-Axis Chip Auger

The chip auger design provides optimal chip disposal and maximizes table cleanness.
Pressurized Oil Distributor

Lubricating oil is evenly distributed to the sliding surfaces of the machine by using Showa oil distributors along with hard-plumbed, low maintenance oil lines.
Automatic Lubrication System

All AGMA machines use a pressurized central lubricating system. The PLC controlled system allows all three axes to be lubricated evenly to maintain accuracy and prolong machine life.
Hand Scraping 

To ensure consistent high quality, each slide way is hand-scraped. Each axis saddle has Turcite material on it and a special "*" design is used along with a "Z" pattern for efficient oil troughs. There is an excellent distribution of oil to all axes, so settling time after rapid movements is eliminated, and stick-slip during cutting is minimized.
Stiff Ballscrew Design for Greater Axial Support

All three axes use ISO Class C3 precision ground pre-loaded ballscrews with pre-tensioned supports on both ends to minimize backlash and compensate the thermal induced error.
Fluorescent Light(Option)

This option is installed with the fully enclosed splash guard. The work lights are located on the upper right hand corner and left front side, providing a well-lit table area.
Oil Circulating Cooling System for Spindle

A high efficiency spindle cooling system dissipates running induced heat generation in order to maintain spindle accuracy and prolong spindle life.
Electrical Cabinet

  1. All electrical components are in compliance with all safety rules and regulations.
  2. All components inside the cabinets are clearly labeled and identified for ease of troubleshooting.
Rigid Box Shape Double Deck Table

Unique AGMA designed double deck table. This unique design increases the load capacity of worktable for more variety applications, and also minimizes the deformation induced during heat treatment process.
Metal Steps (Option)

Metal steps allow the operator to load and unload work pieces easily . This feature is designed for easy operator access into the machine.